Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration

Hi! I had a short day at school. Therefore I have some time now before I start my homework so I can post anything on my blog. I was looking for nice pictures and here they are from weheartit. It's a really nice inspiration for me. I really like knee socks, vintage dresses and skirts with a nice belt!

Tonight I am going to a musical in Amersfoort, it calls 'Crazy Shopping' and after the show we get a goody bag worth 59 euro!! So I wonder what is in the goody bag! I will tell you later! And I am also curious how the show will be. If it is possible I will make pictures. Do you have plans for tonight?

xxxx Love Inge <3

I went to the cinema last saturday with my boyfriend and before the movie we where going to shop for a little while. So I have bought some really nice things. I will show the stuff at another time! (If you want to?)

Monday, November 29, 2010

J'adore Paris

Hi everyone, I would like to show some pictures I have made in Paris. I went to Paris with school in September. It is a really nice city and the mode is really excellent! We have done a lot of things and we saw really nice buildings.

Here some pictures of my experience with Paris:
This picture is made by a friend of mine. It is a picture at 'De Notre Dame'
We found this cute little candy shop in the city centre! I like it very much
Here we are at the Sacre Couer. It was also a very nice place. There were a lot of people!
 On the 3 pictures you can see the Eiffeltoren! I have made a lot of pictures here with my friends
 On this picture you can see a really cozy square! (this square was behind De Notre Dame)
On this picture you can see my bag I bought in Paris. Do you like it?  
And last but not least! The Moulin Rouge. Such a nice theater!

I hope you like this post!! If you want to go to a nice city, I recommend Paris!
xxxx Inge

Let it snow

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Here in the Netherlands it was very cold! And at this moment it is already snowing! I really like the snow. And that means it's time for hot chocolat and cookies. hihi. Have a nice evening! xxx Inge

Friday, November 26, 2010

Outfit of the day

(short: Bershka - shirt, shoes, thigts, knite: H&M - pair of glasses & the bag: from Paris)

Hi everyone. This is my outfit of today. I hope you like it! Love inge xx

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spend life with people who makes you happy, not who you have to impress!

Hi, I haven't post this week, sorry sorry sorry!!!! But I had a lot of homework and things that I had to do for school. I will make some photos tomorrow with my lovely friend, Dorien! She will make some outfitphotos aswell! How was your week?

I just have found really nice pictures of books and magazines.
I found these pictures on weheartit. I really like to read books and I love the inspirationphotos in magazines and nice articles.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My wishlist

In the Netherlands it is almost Sinterklaas (which is a kind of Christmas) Those are the things I would like to have. If I don't get them I might have to buy them myself. But that is not a problem ofcourse. Do you celebrate 'Sinterklaas' or Christmas? And which things do you like to receive for Christmas? Love x Inge. 

What you give is what you get

Hi everyone! Saturday I wanted to go to Utrecht but there were a lot of delays with the trains so I couldn't go. That's why I can not show you some purchases. I'm sorry! I also had a really busy weekend, I had a volleybal match, I have party a lot and I have worked, So I couldn't post some things. Therefore I will make an outfit photo this week. And I also want to post a little bit more. Do you have ideas or things you would like to see? And how was your weekend? xxx

(here some inspiration pictures from weheartit)



Friday, November 19, 2010


some really nice inspiration pictures from weheartit
This weekend I will drink a lot of tea and eat some delicious cupcakes.

YESYESYES, Finally weekend! Tomorrow, I have an information day for new studies. After the information day I will go shopping in Utrecht. I will show you my purchases after my shopping day. And sunday I have to work. What are your plans for the weekend?  xxxx

Zara shop online foto's

Hi everyone! I found a few very nice pictures on the ZARA webshop. I really love the beautiful clothes from Zara. It is good quality and always wearable. The scarf, on the last picture, is amazing. I have a black one myself. What do you think of the ZARA webshop?
Love Inge. X

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi, I have got some new loves on my fashiolista. I would like to have everything on my list, but I have not so much money! hihi. Do you have plans tonight? x

I want the summer back

(pictures from weheartit)
I was searching for nice pictures on weheartit and found some nice summer pictures. Do you want the summer back as well?

Outfit of the day

hi everyone! This is my outfit today. I am wearing a skirt, t'shirt, shoes and tights from New look, DIY socks, a belt from ONLY and the ring is from Six.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My new glasses

Hi everyone. When I went to Paris with school, I bought a new pair of glasses. I always wanted to have one. And fortunately I found it! Do you like my new pair of glasses?