Monday, January 24, 2011

H&M order just arrived !!!!

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy right now! My H&M order has just arrived.
I love the pants, and also the tanktop and dress are lovely!
I bought the dress in another collar - a kind of pink/beige - and it looks great!

I will show you later an outfit photo, but I think it will be the upcoming weekend or next week because I've exams this week. I have learned throughout the day so I'm very tired right now! Will speak to you later. Have a nice evening!

lots of love xxx Inge

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday inspiration


photos from weheartit.

Hi everyone. Here some really nice inspiration pictures from weheartit. I like it! How was your day? I had a difficult exam today, but I think I've made it right! have a nice evening and weekend!

lots of love, Inge

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ski holiday 2010/2011

Hi! I would like to show you some really nice pictures of my vacation in Austria!
We had beautiful weather all week, as you can see on the pictures. Have you ever been skiing? 
Have a nice evening!
lots of love, x Inge

Monday, January 17, 2011

H&M order

I've placed an order at the H&M. I really like those things. The first dress I ordered in beige/pink and the trousers and tanktop in the collar of the picture.
Now I just wait until it's received. hihi. Do you also like it?
Lots of love, Inge xxx

Purchases December-Januari

Hi Everyone!
I'm really sorry I've posted anything so long! I have been very busy with school and also my testweek is coming. I am in the final year of secondary school(Havo) so it is really important to do it right this year!

I've still made some time to post my purchases of the last months.
I went to Utrecht with a girlfriend and I bought some really nice things in my opinion! hihi.

I hope you like it!

 Bag - Invito
 Dress - H&M
 Jacket - New Yorker
 Skirt - H&M
Earrings - H&M Divided  -  I Like them soooo much!
I have also bought some beauty stuff - Kruidvat

This was not everything - some things were still being washed
- Trousers, Bleep
- Blouse, Zara
- Underwear, H&M
And other beauty products:
- Mascara Volume Million Lashes (L'oréal)
- Mexx perfume - mysterious (really nice smell)
- a basket (mandje) for my make up because my stash is growing. hihi

I hope you like it!
and have a nice evening!

Kisses and hugs xxx Inge

p.s. I will try to put some pictures from my ski vacation later this week!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wishlist for tomorrow!

Hi everyone! I'm going to shop in Utrecht tomorrow and I would like to show my wishlist.

1 Harembroek H&M - 2 top H&M - 3 Blouse H&M - 4 Dress H&M - 5 Sunglasses H&M - 6 Ring SIX - 7 Shoes H&M - 8 T-shirt Zara - 9 Belt H&M - 10 Bag Invito - 11 Jewelry H&M - 12 Ring SIX - 13 Shoes Invito 

I love those things, so I hope I will found them tomorrow!
Enjoy your evening. xxx Inge

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year!

It's a littlebit late, but I was on ski-vacation so I couldn't post anything. I will put
some pictures later this week of the vacation. And I will
also thankyou for all the great comments and for following me in 2010!
  I really appreciate that! 
I started my blog in November and I'm pleased with the result. 
I hope 2011 will be a great year with more followers and pageviews. 
I will try to post more things on my blog, 
and especialy more outfit photos, If you like?

Have a nice 2011! 
Lots of love