Monday, January 17, 2011

Purchases December-Januari

Hi Everyone!
I'm really sorry I've posted anything so long! I have been very busy with school and also my testweek is coming. I am in the final year of secondary school(Havo) so it is really important to do it right this year!

I've still made some time to post my purchases of the last months.
I went to Utrecht with a girlfriend and I bought some really nice things in my opinion! hihi.

I hope you like it!

 Bag - Invito
 Dress - H&M
 Jacket - New Yorker
 Skirt - H&M
Earrings - H&M Divided  -  I Like them soooo much!
I have also bought some beauty stuff - Kruidvat

This was not everything - some things were still being washed
- Trousers, Bleep
- Blouse, Zara
- Underwear, H&M
And other beauty products:
- Mascara Volume Million Lashes (L'oréal)
- Mexx perfume - mysterious (really nice smell)
- a basket (mandje) for my make up because my stash is growing. hihi

I hope you like it!
and have a nice evening!

Kisses and hugs xxx Inge

p.s. I will try to put some pictures from my ski vacation later this week!

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