Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My purchases and Sint presents.

Hi everyone! 
I'm really sorry I've posted so little! I will make it up with you! 
I would like to show you the things I've bought last week and I will show you the things I received with 'Sinterklaas'. 

My purchases from Utrecht:

I've bought this shirt at the H&M

I've also bought earrings. They're from SIX, I really love those earrings!
I have been looking for the earrings very long and now I finally found them!

I was with my boyfriend so I bought a shirt for him but I don't have a picture sorry!

My presents of 'Sinterklaas':

1. handcream, very nice smell (Nivea)
2. Kate Moss parfume (smell is also very nice!!!)
3. A nailpolish from HEMA (in reality it's darker)

On the picture below you can see the painting (with the bird) from the grandfather of my boyfriend which I received. I really like his work. He can paint great!

I have also received a gift certificate from Invito (25 euro)
because I really like to buy a new bag. And ofcoure I got a chocolat letter hihi!

Do you received some nice stuff with sinterklaas?

Lots of love. Inge xxx

I would like to thank you for all the great comments! I really like that, it makes me happy!
hihi. Have a nice evening everyone!  

(and I will post some inspirationpictures tonight of tomorrow, if you like?)

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